Dr Krzysztof Halas

GMC 6147168

Dr. Krzysztof Halas is specialist in general surgery and vascular diseases, graduate at the Medical University of Lublin, Poland. Dr. Halas has gained professional experience in vascular surgery at the Department of Vascular Surgery of the University Hospital No.4 in Lublin, Poland and in hospitals in UK – The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust London and the Royal Exeter and Devon NHS Trust in Exeter.
His particular interests are vascular diseases, including the treatment of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency.
Except London, Dr. Halas is involved in treatment patients at Lux Med hospital and outpatient clinic (Bupa Poland) in Warsaw: The main scope of his interest are assessment and treatment of lower limb chronic venous insufficiency, eg.varicose veins surgery (with removal of great safenous vein) and minimal-invasive procedures.

Dr. Krzysztof Halas is trained in venous duplex ultrasound scan of lower extremities. This examination is essential in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins, diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and previous thrombotic events (deep or superficial) resulting in a range of problems in various venous segments including: occlusive or non‐occlusive chronic thrombotic residua, venous wall fibrosis and incompetence of the affected segments. Another distinct group of patients with duplex ultrasound scan are those representing with recurrent varicose veins following past interventions.
He performs minimally invasive procedures such as sclerotherapy (minimal invasive closing) of varicose veins, spider veins and surgical excision of varicose veins under local anesthesia.

Dr. Halas also performs outpatient’s procedures e.g. excision of an ingrowing toenail, an abscess / hematoma incision with drainage, excision of skin lesions, lipomas, cysts, changing dressings or removal of skin sutures.
All surgical procedures are performed after the patient’s personal examination.