The work organisation of the Fast Medica health clinic during the epidemiological threat.


Dear Patients,

Due to the epidemiological threat related to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we have introduced necessary changes to the rules concerning patient admittance and the work organisation of our clinic staff. Please familiarise yourself with the information below.

The clinic’s working hours have not altered. We continue to see our patients, of course with the highest precautions in place. At Fast Medica, we understand the importance of good communication and cooperation with your doctor in times of the pandemic. Many patients suffer from conditions unrelated to Covid-19 – these people require the essential medical attention.


We are therefore at your disposal

You may use full diagnostics of our clinic; collection points and laboratories are likewise operating normally. We arrange visits to individual specialists and carry out scheduled treatments. Of course, all of this takes place under a strict sanitary regime. We operate in accordance with the epidemiological safety procedures and follow the recommendations of Public Health England to prevent any patient from contracting the Covid-19 virus.

We hope you understand that all information garnered during the interview with our staff prior to your appointment shall be treated with strict confidentiality. We also ask for patience regarding the introduction of necessary intervals in connection to the clinic’s overall work and intensification of disinfection activities.

Our employees consistently use personal protective equipment (PPE). Disinfectants and PPE are also available for all patients and accompanying persons (however, we kindly ask, if possible to please limit the number of accompanying persons to one).


GPs and specialists are also willing to provide advice over the phone

If, despite the strict safety procedures, you are concerned about visiting our clinic, we can also arrange a telephone/video consultation with our specialists. Such virtual-calls are perfect for solving matters such as issuing another prescription for medication, obtaining a referral for tests, or discussing at length a particular test result. If we are unable to aid the patient remotely, we will book them an appointment in the clinic accordingly.


The following specialists are at patient’s disposal every day:

– family doctors (paediatrician, internist),

– allergist,

– pulmonologist,

– psychiatrist,

– psychologist,

– urologist,

– gynaecologist,

– dermatologist,

– endocrinologist,

– diabetologist.


To book your consultation, please contact us on: 02039172117