General practicioner

Consultation 1 patient£85
Consultation 2 patients£150
Consultation 3 patients£180
Consultation with ear irrigation£140
Consultation with abscess incision£180
Consultation with vaccination£80
Consultation with joint cryotherapy£175
Joint Cryotherapy 2-5 treatments  (price per treatment)£100
Joint Cryotherapy 6-10 treatments  (price per treatment)£80
Joint Cryotherapy 11-15 treatments  (price per treatment)£60
D4 Medical examination including Eye Test£140
D4 Medical examination without Eye Test£120
Check-up up to 7 days£50
Lab Test Results Interpretation commissioned by Fast Medica doctors£50
Consultation with swab test£145
Joint Liquid Aspiration£115
Consultation with steroid injection (1 joint)£130
Consultation with steroid injection (2 joints)£145
Consultation with puncture and steroid injection (1 joint)£145
Consultation with puncture and steroid injection (2 joints)£180
Joint Platelet Rich Plasma  (PRP)£200
Removal of foreign body£115